Hello, my name is Bob

I have been repairing computers full time since 1991 and using them since 1980

Before we get started, let me tell you a couple of things:

  • I do not sell computers
  • I do not buy computers
  • I do not work on MACs (Apples)

I provide on-site computer repair and upgrades, plus I can do remote access repair


I like to do it this way for several reasons

  • First, you get to see everything I do, I do not go into a back room
  • This way you sit right next to me, watch and ask questions as we go along
  • Also, we make sure all those other parts still work, like printers, speakers, and scanners
  • And of course, you do not have to undo all those wires, take the computer somewhere, and then hook it up again

You can also bring your computer over to me, it actually costs a little less that way see cost